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Architectural design


All our work is grounded on both- experience and innovation. In each project we try to find the best ratio between expenses, sustainable solutions and design qualities, which must be proportioned individually for each case– from a private house to an industrial project. We think it is highly important to sustain and enhance design quality in all projects of all kind, no matter if we develop a private, common, commercial or social project.

We are keeping track of the latest design and construction guidance in both- LV and EU to develop of our company as innovative, perspective and competitive in local and international scale.


Design categories:

  • Single family houses

  • Dwelling houses

  • Educational and healthcare buildings

  • Office and commercial buildings

  • State and municipality projects

  • House, apartment and loft reconstruction


Project stages:

  • outline proposal

  • analysis

  • problem solving phase

  • technical project

  • detail design

  • Interior design


Interior design


Interior design project is the basis for organizing any indoor premises. The aim of interior design is to transform the environment into the most suitable place for its users. At home it means creating the best place for living and relaxation, while in commercial and public places- organizing the working environment, representing the company and introducing it to the public.

The whole interior design project consists of many steps- from developing the core concept for it till choosing the last materials, accessories and details during the furnishing.Without any doubt, developing interior design as a part of the architectural project is the best way to start, as then the functionality is perfectly matched with the detailed solutions for the premises. Developing a new interior for existing premises requires more time for the architect and designer to accustom themselves with the current situation, while for the client- with the newly designed one. But the latter is the most common practice for any interior designer.

The first step in developing interior design is “meeting” the future interior- in this step, the style for the interior is chosen, the core concept is developed, the premises are inspected (live or project situation) and main priorities are set for each premise to design. Then designers and architects work on sketches to offer a solution for each room- combining the client’s wishes with the rational solutions proposed. In this stage, many decisions must be made about the tone palette and functions of the rooms, room layout, furnishing and lighting solutions. The next stage is developing the technical drawings- there all the decisions become visible and the idea- clear for anyone- these drawings show the built-in furniture, new-built and demolished constructions and openings, as well as floor coverings and other finishes. Then precise materials and furniture can be looked out from catalogues, while tangible materials, exact furniture and accessories are chosen during an execution with author’s involvement, where the designer and the client cooperate to find and apply all of the materials and furniture.

Project management


KVITE performs project management in all types of projects.

Our starting point for a job is to ensure that the client's project is delivered on time,

at the agreed economy and in optimum quality. With a professional and experienced

crew,deep insight in building technical and legal matters and a positive approach

to cooperation between contractor and builder.
KVITEs project supervision performs advice on a project buildability and interfaces

between the individual contracts and a process typically consists of:

  • The organization of project review meetings with contractors and consultants 

  • Process Control with established procedure

  • Time, quality and financial management;

  • Contact to authorities in connection with the site's features 

  • Preparation of the site plan;

  • Digital document management

  • 3D visualization of the building process

  • Monitoring and coordination of overall technical supervision (coordinating the needs of a client and external consultants such as Structural engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers and Landscape architects)


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