Iceland offers a variety of landscapes, everything from glaciers to beaches, and it is attracting some of the biggest names in the movie business, and for that reason, we have developed a concept design for a film studio complex located in Hafnarfjörður - a port town and municipality in Iceland, that is about 10 km south of Reykjavík.

The film studio complex consists of four film studios and a production office at the center of the plot. The studios all rise 15m high, but the production office is only 13m to stand out. Anthracite, gold, and blue colors dominate our design to represent the company's color scheme.

Building materials:
We chose a prefabricated load-bearing steel structure, using bolted connections and an anti-corrosion coating, bearing frame sections according to calculation and design.
All buildings in the complex are designed with a flat roof system with load-bearing profiles, an insulation layer, and two-layer bitumen waterproofing.
Reinforced concrete floors slab on pressed gravel. Mezzanine floor - hollow core slabs with leveling concrete layer on top, standing on bearing steel frame beams and columns.
Anthracite color sandwich panels are used on all film studio buildings, but sandwich panels for the office building are in dark blue.

Developed together with Alerio Nordic.

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